Bulgarian Real Estates

Квартиры в Болгарии

Sunny_Beach Apartments, 48 sq.m. From: €11.500
Ravda Apartments, 37 sq.m. From: €20.000
Aheloy Apartments, 46 sq.m. From: €17.700
Sunny_Beach Apartments, 71 sq.m. From: €24.990
The Bulgarian company BGHOME is glad to offer you a wide choice of the real estate in Bulgaria, from the real estate on sea resorts to the real estate in mountains and on Spas-resorts. Our formed Russian-speaking employees will help you to carry out competently the choice, will organise a fact-finding trip, will give you a photo and video data on offered objects, will inspect legal cleanliness of the object of the real estate chosen by you and will competently issue it in your property.

BGHOME offers a full package from consulting, intermediary and legal services at purchase, sale, tenancy, hiring and management of real estate.

750 illegal structures - temporary facilities and the massive buildings will be demolished in Sunny Beach. He said at the press conference, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Tsvetanov. He met with the management company of...
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The increase of tourists in Bulgaria this year by 30 percent President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Tourism Tzvetan Tonchev at the press conference said that tourism revenues this year...
Bulgarian Black Sea beaches - the best in the world - Bulgarian Black Sea beaches - the best in the world -  These data were obtained from survey of French tourists...

Новые предложения недвижимости в Болгарии

Seaside Apartments, 55 sq.m. From: €25.000
Seaside Apartments, 140 sq.m. From: €45.000
Seaside Apartments, 32 sq.m. From: €22.000
Seaside Apartments, 71 sq.m. From: €24.990
Seaside Apartments, 78 sq.m. From: €29.990
Seaside Apartments, 77 sq.m. From: €54.900
Seaside Apartments, 75 sq.m. From: €23.200